About us

Bell Publishing Ltd is a family-owned B2B international media and events company. Our niche titles, in the food, dairy, confectionery, tea and coffee and metal packaging sectors, are all highly respected leading journals in their marketplaces.

Our hard-working teams are firmly engaged in the industries they serve, and our presence at the major events for each sector puts us at the forefront of news and editorial coverage. Our digital platforms are constantly developing –  each title has its own print journal, news-focused website (updated daily), weekly e-newsletter, digital issue and archive, Twitter feed and LinkedIn group. CanTech has launched its own app and we are rolling out apps for each title and event.

Company History

The company was formed in 1999 with the purchase of CanTech International from the USA. We then expanded with the launch of Food & Drink Technology, the acquisition of Dairy Industries International (founded in 1936),  and in 2008, the purchase of Confectionery Production (first published in 1934). We launched Sweets & Savoury Snacks World website to accompany Confectionery Production in 2011.

In 2016 we acquired Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and the leading exhibition Tea & Coffee World Cup.

We run three events for the metal packaging industry  – Asia CanTech, CanTech the Grand Tour and Euro CanTech, and in 2021, inaugurated our first event for the confectionery industry, World Confectionery Conference.

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