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Posted on 13 June 2017

Hi everyone, just as a quick introduction: my name’s Sharan and I’m the new Digital Editor here at Bell Publishing. Before joining Bell, I was working in the book publishing industry for three and a half years, so I’m very excited to sink my teeth into this new challenge!

Things at the office have been busy for my first few weeks with the June issues of all of our magazines going to press. Apart from Dairy Industries International, the other publications are having a slightly extended break until the July/August issues come out.

There is plenty going on during this month. A top keynote speaker for Asia CanTech has been announced, with ORG Packaging confirmed for the event which takes place on 30 October-1 November in Bangkok, Thailand.

In terms of upcoming events that our editorial and sales team are attending in June, Food and Drink Technology and Tea and Coffee Trade Journal have a particularly busy few weeks ahead.

This week the Tea and Coffee Trade Journal team will be dividing and conquering the World of Coffee three-day event in Budapest, as well as the World Tea Expo tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada. For Food and Drink Technology, our Editor Carly will be jetting off on 17 June to the 150th anniversary of Tate & Lyle’s oldest plant near Amsterdam. The following week she’ll be at the Mitsubishi Electric press day in Hatfield, UK. And at the end of June she’ll be attending the CIEH Food Safety Conference in London. Katie, our Editor of Confectionery Production, will be at the Snackex event in Vienna from 21-22 June.

Keep an eye on our various blogs and social media outlets to see how they get on.

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